The nose is one of the most prominent facial features a human being possesses. It might be argued that its prominence is the reason it is also one of the most frequently damaged. Due to the frequency of traumatic injury, rhinoplasty, or “nasal sculpting”, has in recent years become one of the most frequently performed reconstructive surgeries in medicine. When severe damage to the nose occurs, it often causes visible and unwanted change. This physical change can cause the person to suffer serious emotional and psychological distress caused by the dysphoria that their nose does not match their face anymore.

Not only can trauma to the nose cause emotional distress, but it can also adversely affect the functionality of the nasal and sinus passages causing a number of problems that range from reduced acuity of the sense of smell to considerably more disruptive issues. To preserve the quality of life and happiness, it is frequently recommended by primary care physicians that individuals at the very least seek consultation in the wake of trauma to the nose or nasal cavity.

This is where we come in. We at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami believe in giving the best, most reliable care possible by providing our patients with the specialists they need to get the look they want in the wake of nasal trauma.

Why Choose Us?

nose job specialty doctor in MiamiWe founded the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami with only the best interest of our patients in mind. Your health, your safety, and your results are our top priority. We were founded by doctors and remain owned only by doctors to ensure that your care is in the best hands possible. There are no investors sitting around a table making ill-informed decisions that impact your health and safety.

When a patient comes in for a rhinoplasty, our first step is to find several specialists with the right experience to get the job done perfectly. A rhinoplasty is a delicate and important surgery, and your satisfaction is our top priority. The doctors we staff are true experts in their specialization after extensive training and performing many other similar operations. We make sure you are in the right hands before you ever even begin your consultation.

We Are Right There For You

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami is proud to announce that we have made it even more convenient to find the perfect nose job specialty doctor in Miami. With the grand opening of our Coral Gables location at the end of the Miracle Mile, we are ready to help even more people get the look they want. You deserve only the best, and we are ready to give you that at any Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami location. Even with the opening of our new location, we are still dedicated to your health, safety, and satisfaction. You are our number-one priority, and we are more than prepared to show it.

World-Class Facilities

We proudly boast one of the premiere facilities in South Florida when it comes to plastic surgery.

Our Coral Gables facility is easily accessible from all of Miami-Dade county. Because we try to accommodate all patients, including those coming from out of town and out of state, we have chosen a location that is only a short 10-minute car ride from Miami International Airport.

We know that going to the doctor’s office isn’t fun, which is why we paid careful attention to the design of our office. The brand new, state-of-the-art facility was designed with award-winning modern décor to make you feel more comfortable and at ease. And with several reception areas as well as exam and consultation rooms to maximize patient privacy, we are set up and ready to receive you today.

Our surgical facility is our pride and joy. We have two operating rooms, a generous recovery area, two preoperative rooms and a patient bathroom. The facility also includes a comfortable waiting area for the patients’ family.

Most importantly of all, though, is the facility’s accredidation by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities, Inc. This board is one of the leading national entities for accreditation of outpatient surgical facilities. The certification of our facilities only serves to prove our dedication to clinical excellence and patient safety.

Affordability Means Accessibility

We know that looking your best is the first step to feeling your best. At the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, our goal is your satisfaction and we strive to make procedures as affordable as possible. Accessibility to procedures such as a medically necessary rhinoplasty is our goal. If you are searching for an affordable nose job in Miami, we are here and ready to help you be the best, most beautiful you again.

Patient Satisfaction

affordable nose job in MiamiWhen looking for a rhinoplasty specialty doctor in Miami, it’s nice to know how a doctor’s patients feel about their procedure. We are so confident in the satisfaction of those who come to the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami that we have posted the testimonials of many previous patients on our website. When you request your consultation visit, feel free to take the time to read the satisfied testimonials and watch interviews without former patients. We have even posted a gallery numerous before and after rhinoplasty pictures to show examples of the fantastic work of our dedicated surgeons. Seeking a nose job can be nerve-wracking, but we are ready to put to rest any uneasiness you may have about the procedure.

Confidence In Your Choice

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami is here and ready to receive you. We take care to preserve our patient’s privacy while offering them the most reliable procedures from experienced specialists. When it comes to rhinoplasty doctors in Miami, no other practice is more capable than the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami. Save your peace of mind and schedule your consultation today. Our dedication to the success of your procedure is sure to impress.


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