Rhinoplasty also known as a nose job is considered to be a challenging surgery for doctors as it requires them to reshape the very important feature of the human body i.e. nose.  These surgeons reshape a patient’s nose to enhance its appearance or function depending on the specific kind of nose reshaping surgery that he requires. As mentioned the surgeons consider some significant measures and sift the type of nose surgery that best suits the patient. By doing so, Rhinoplasty doctors in Miami consult and spend a huge time with the patients and find out the multiple reasons that the patients may choose to have a nose job done.

There are certain patients who look for a reconstructive surgery probably because of a major injury to their nose, some of them look to repair a deviated septum which may be causing breathing problem and some may be interested in just shaping their nose. All this is considered to be important for the doctors who look to offer right treatment after medically examining the nose.

The committed Rhinoplasty doctors in Miami offer the best surgery to patients

Rhinoplasty specialist MiamiThe doctors show complete commitment and follow the very best practices that lead to successful surgeries. Professional and expert surgeons examine the patient’s nose and check for conditions such as inflammation, swelling caused due to deviated septum or internal growth that may cause difficulty in breathing. Here are some basic steps that Rhinoplasty doctors in Miami undertake while treating their patients:

Preoperative Stage: This is thought to be the very first stage where the surgeons examine the patients and look to determine the real cause that is forcing the patient to get a nose treatment done. Rhinoplasty doctors in Miami may ask the patient to refrain from smoking cigarettes and might also stop him or her to take certain medications for a certain amount of time. This will allow them to ensure a safe and effective procedure. Doctors know that this is a very critical stage as diagnosing the patient and finding out the real cause is always a tough one and might cause problems for the patient if the real cause is not determined.

Surgery: As soon as the examination is done specialized doctors will recommend surgery to the patient. Rhinoplasty specialist Miami provides general anesthesia or twilight sedation before the surgery is undertaken. Once this is done, the specialist undertakes the surgery and reshapes the nose. The specialist decides whether to use rhinoplasty open approach where a small incision is done on the columella or to utilize a closed approach where the he cuts the inner nose and avoids any visible scarring. The choice of the open and closed approach of rhinoplasty is totally dependent on the doctor who monitors each case and decides on any particular approach that suits the patient’s case.

Recovery Stage: After surgery, the patient might experience swelling and bruising which will last for some time. Splint and bandages will be used to grip the nose in place. Rhinoplasty doctors in Miami will also prescribe the patients some medications to lighten the pain or discomfort that may be caused after surgery. These medications must be taken on a regular basis and should not be skipped so as to see a faster recovery in a shorter period of time. Patients will also have to visit rhinoplasty doctors in Miami on a regular basis so as to get the bandage and dressing done on time.

Postoperative Stage: The postoperative stage suggests following the instructions of the surgeon so as to ensure fast recovery and witness best results. Once the nose job is done the patient is totally responsible and must observe all the instructions the doctor has asked to him to follow. During this time, maximum rest is recommended depending on the type of rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty specialist Miami instructs the patients to do the following:

  • Take medicines on a regular basis
  • Bandage and dressing of the nose
  • Regular visits to ensure the surgery is not causing any complications

Results: Finally the last stage of rhinoplasty surgery is when the patients observe the final results; once the nose is healed the patients observe the difference and can always refer to the Rhinoplasty doctor Miami if they feel any pain or discomfort. There might be a chance that the patient will need revision surgeries where the doctor will make use of advanced structural techniques to recheck proper functioning of the nose.

Professional Rhinoplasty doctor Miami will make sure that the treatment is done efficiently and that the patient’s facial balance is equally maintained. The specialist will ensure that the treatment is not causing any defects in the overall look of the individual.  A person’s nose is the foremost feature that the people often notice and therefore if it requires treatment or surgery it must be done with perfection. Therefore, doctors who specialize in rhinoplasty are determined and focused on offering the best treatment to their patients around the world.

Reasons for rhinoplasty surgery may vary from patient to patient; it can be either medical or cosmetic and so it requires proper doctor consultation before getting the treatment done. Patients are always advised to visit a rhinoplasty specialist Miami and never decide to undergo treatment without consulting a professional who is well qualified and carry all the credentials a rhinoplasty specialist requires. Those patients who do thorough research to find the top surgeons normally see best nose job results.



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