Body Contouring After Massive Weight LossWith the increasing popularity of gastric bypass and gastric band surgery we are seeing more and more patients that have successfully lost large amounts of weight. New, scientific diets and weight loss programs are also helping patients achieve their ideal body weights.

After significant weight loss, many individuals find themselves with loose skin or even some persistent hard to lose fat in some areas. This can cause many problems for patients. Clothing may be hard to fit and uncomfortable, and the excess skin can become irritating and cause rashes or even infections. More importantly, many are still unhappy with the appearance of their bodies after the long and difficult process of weight loss.

This can be changed with body contouring surgery. Body contouring refers to a set of operations designed to address specific body areas that become especially bothersome after massive weight loss. Many of such operations have already been described above, including facelifting, necklifting, abdominoplasty, breast lifting and gluteal enhancement. Other body contouring operations include brachioplasty or arm lifting, medial thigh lift and body lift. Body lifting refers to an operation designed to lift the entire thigh and lower torso in a belt fashion. The operation is more lengthy but results are dramatic.

Body contouring procedures are usually performed in stages. On occasion, your surgeon may recommend to do two body contouring procedures at a time. If procedures are particularly lengthy or large, your surgeon may opt to do the operation at a local hospital for added safety and patient comfort.

Why Choose Our Surgeons for Body Contouring?

You have worked so hard to lose the weight, why not reward yourself and complete your journey of self improvement by talking with one of our surgeons about the many options available to massive weight loss patients? This could be your last step to looking and feeling great – you’ve earned it and you deserve it. Come to the INSTITUTE and speak with one of our Board Certified plastic surgeons about your options after massive weight loss. Using the latest proven techniques and the most advanced technology we can achieve safe, natural and lasting results to help you get the body you have always dreamed of.

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