Many women are concerned with more than just the size of their breasts. As a result of pregnancy, weight loss, age, or other factors, breasts may begin to sag or lose the fullness and perkiness they once had. The reason this happens is a combination of volume loss, stretching of breast ligaments, thinning of the skin and structural change in the lactiferous ducts after pregnancy. Breast lift surgery from the Plastic Surgery Institute (PSI) of Miami can correct many of these problems, giving your breasts the shape and size you desire.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure in which the breasts are lifted in order to give them a more youthful perkiness and appearance. The operation can be performed with or without the addition of breast implants depending on the patient’s goals. A mastopexy procedure allows the nipple to be moved back to the center of the breast while creating a rounder, fuller breast shape.

How is a Mastopexy Performed?

The operation is usually done under general anesthesia and lasts about an hour. Depending on your aesthetic goals, your surgeon at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami will recommend the procedure that best suits you. All breast lifting procedures are performed with the minimum number of incisions (and resulting scars) necessary to achieve excellent results. Recovery times vary with each individual. Usually, breast lift patients can go back to their normal daily activities in less than 2 weeks.

Why Choose PSI of Miami for your Breast Lift?

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As board certified plastic surgeons, our doctors are trained and experienced in all of the most advanced breast lift techniques. This allows the doctors at PSI of Miami to provide you with the breast shape, lift and projection you desire, while minimizing the amount of scarring and recovery time.

Additionally, the doctors at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami are pioneers in the use of the “Dual Plane” breast augmentation and shaped (anatomic) implants. This technique allows some patients to achieve the results of a breast lift with the use of a breast implant and a single small incision. Our experience with this procedure has allowed many women to avoid a traditional breast lift and still obtain full and perky breasts. You can get more information about all your breast lift (mastopexy) options by scheduling a consultation with one of our PSI Miami doctors.

How Do I Schedule a Consultation to Discuss a Breast Lift?

You can schedule your consultation by filling out the “request consultation” form at the bottom of this page and we will reply right away. Or, if you like, call us at 305.446.7700 and schedule your appointment to speak with our breast lift specialists. Ask them how a breast lift procedure can help you obtain a younger, shapelier figure.