For many women, large and droopy breasts may be a major concern. Breasts that are just too big and saggy are not only unattractive to many, but also painful and uncomfortable. Back strain, grooving of the shoulders by brassiere straps and irritation of the skin fold are common problems women with very large breasts deal with. Furthermore many feel these very large breasts make it difficult to find clothing that fits well and can make them look heavier than they really are.

Breast reduction surgery is an operation very similar to mastopexy, with the difference being that more breast tissue is removed with a reduction. The amount and extent of scars will depend on the size of the breasts and your goals. General anesthesia is commonly used for this operation and the recovery time is one to two weeks. The procedure has fantastic satisfaction rates amongst operated patients.

Why Choose Us for Breast Reduction?

At the INSTITUTE, all of our surgeons are board certified. With hundreds of breast reductions under their belt, our surgeons can deal with any and all of your needs when it comes to safe and effective breast reduction. Moreover, they all have a very refined artistic sense, enabling them to deliver beautifully natural and long lasting results.

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