What Are your Options with a Botox Injection Specialist Miami?

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Everybody wants to look their best. Whether it’s some fine lines and wrinkles that you’re seeking to remove, or if you simply want to rejuvenate your face for a younger and healthier appearance, there’s no shortage of procedures and products on the market that make radical claims. The problem for many, is finding the right […]

Botox Injections for Medical Purposes

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Many people think that Botox is just an injection for 40+ year old women afraid of looking old. Lots of movies and television shows have capitalized on that belief, making fun of various female characters. However, Botox is much more than a joke in a movie, it’s a legitimate medical procedure with multiple applications. Although […]

Alternative Health Benefits for Botox Injections Miami

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At the Plastic Surgery Institute, we’ve been using Botox injections for many years now. Botox is often used for facial lifts and fillers. As we age the elastin in our skin begins to wear out and this causes our skin to droop. This creates dynamic rhytids, better known as wrinkles, on the face. Over the […]

Botox – Look Good, Feel Good, Cure Migraines

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The problem with getting older isn’t so much that we’ve added an extra year to our lives, but more what that year tends to do to us. The one thing you need to understand however, is that the aging process is not solely to blame for the degradation in aesthetics as we are led to […]