Use a Miami Facelifts to Reclaim your Youth

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Have you ever noticed that as you age, your skin begins to lose its elastic properties? This is because as we grow older, our skin begins to lose elastin. Elastin is what allows your skin to ‘snap back’ and keep itself taut. You can test this yourself by pinching a fold of your skin, pulling […]

Use a Facelift Surgeon in Miami to Reclaim Your Youth

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It happens to everyone and nobody can stop it – age takes its toll. We are, unquestionably, our own worst critics, as we see it warping our bodies and faces into something unfamiliar with its wrinkles and discolorations and added weight that sags here and there. Allow us to insert: you are beautiful and aging […]

When Should you Consider Facial Surgery

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Have you ever considered having an affordable face lift Miami performed? Perhaps you’ve heard of the procedure but you’re not entirely sure what it is. Maybe you have some idea, but you’d like a few more details. The first thing that we would like to assure you of is that a facelift is an absolutely […]

Top 5 reasons to get the best facelift in Miami

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As perfectionists, we spend hundreds of dollars a year on beauty products and treatments, potions and pills, all designed to make you look beautiful. A substantial niche of the beauty market is focused on helping people look younger and this is because it is a common conception that you looked a lot more beautiful when […]