Women decide to get breast implants for a variety of reasons. Aging, pregnancy and weight changes can impact the look, feel and size of your breasts. Women identify with their breasts because they feel feminine, and they should. If you are uncomfortable with way your breasts look, you may want to consider Miami breast implants. The procedure is safe and the results are noticeable. Take some time to visit with our doctors and get the body you have always wanted.


Getting breast implants is a personal choice and should be taken seriously. We want you to have the best experience is possible. Here are a few things to consider before you head out for an appointment with your breast implants doctor Miami.


Your breast implants doctors in Miami can help

When you visit with your breast implants doctors in Miami, go in with an open mind. You should come prepared with an idea of what you would like to look like. Feel free to come in with a goal. But, it is possible that your doctor will suggest an alternative size. Depending on your age and whether you’ve had children or not, you may also consider a breast lift. Your doctor will not try to upsell you for a procedure, if they do not think it will benefit you. Come in with an open mind when you talk to your breast implants specialty doctor in Miami

Your doctor is the perfect source for answers to any questions and concerns you have. Our doctors are happy to sit with you during a consultation and discuss all of your options. We are interested in what you want your body to look like and we will be bring our years of experience to the discussion. Together we can come up with the perfect look for you, so you’re ready to hit the beach this summer.


Be prepared for the change

Your body is going to feel different after your surgery. This is particularly true if your breast implants in Miami adjust your size by more than a cup. You will probably feel awkward at first, but you will adjust. Remember to buy larger bras and larger shirts (yes, you’ll need them!) before you go into surgery. It’s normal to feel awkward and uncomfortable at first. Don’t hesitate to call your doctor afterwards with any concerns. You should also be aware that people will likely notice the change. You should decide ahead of time how to handle comments.


Recovery Concerns

For most patients the recovery pain from best breast implants Miami is minimal. When the surgery is performed, the doctor will create about a 1 inch incision at the base of your breasts. The implants are then inserted into your chest. The surgery is minimally invasive, but you will still likely be sore. Some patients have more pain than others. Do not be afraid to ask for stronger medication to help alleviate the pain.

Follow instructions by your breast implants specialist Miami for massage. Massaging your breasts will help the pain heal faster and you will grow more accustomed to the feel of your new chest. To help aid in recovery, a healthy diet and workout routine are essential. Following surgery, avoid heavy lifting for at least a few weeks and keep exercising to low-impact routines.

Your breast implants Miami will require that you take it easy for at least a few days. You will find activities that are uncomfortable, just pay attention to those activities so you don’t strain yourself.




Signs of complications from breast implants

All surgical procedures have risk of complications. Breast implants are no different. While there are fewer risks, there are a few things to keep your eye out for.

Common risks associated with affordable breast implants in Miami include changes in sensation, pain and rupture of the device. These risks are relatively low, but you can keep an eye out for possible problems by following instructions to massage your breasts following surgery, avoiding heavy lifting for a few weeks after surgery and contacting your doctor if any pain feels unusual.

Call your doctor if you notice unusual redness or leaking in your breasts. Your pain should ease and subside within a few days. If you continue to feel pain or if your pain increases instead of diminishes, contact your doctor as soon as possible.


How much do breast implants cost

For many patients the cost of an affordable breast implants doctor is the determining factor to whether or not they will get the surgery. The average cost of breast augmentation in 2013, was just over $3,600. We understand that breast implants cost in Miami can be expensive. We can help make the procedure more affordable through payment plans. Come in today to meet with one of our doctors to determine whether or not you qualify for breast implants.

The Plastic Surgery Institute offers only the best services. Our doctors are board certified and qualified to safely handle your surgery. We routinely work with patients from out of town and are happy to help you find a pace to stay while you are in town for your surgery.

For more information about finance options, surgery options and information on our practice, visit our website or contact our office today. Let us help you get your body ready for the beach. Call us today to get started on the road to your perfect figure.



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