There are lots of different surgery types that will reshape the nose and it is in fact one of the most common types of plastic surgeries in the world. A nose job in Miami is known as a rhinoplasty and it has several distinct functions. For one thing, it can increase the size of the nose, but it is also designed to decrease the size if there is a need. That being said, the nostrils and the bridge can be changed as the patient desires, altering the angle as well as the look.

While many are seeking an aesthetic surgery, there are those who are looking for something along the lines of a functionality increase, and who can blame them really? There are lots of reasons for you to consider surgery, but today we’re going to talk about reduction and what it can actually do for you. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as complicated as it might seem.

How a Reduction Nose Job in Miami Works

Nose Job in MiamiThe first and foremost question that you are going to have, obviously, is how a reduction surgery works and most importantly why you should seek one. You already know that the nose is the most obvious and central feature of the face. It is what people see first when they look at you, and it can be the source of embarrassment for many. For you it could be completely different, but whatever your reason, you need to make sure you find the right doctor to perform the procedure you’re looking for.

The nose takes on the characteristics of the parent, just like any other feature on the human body, and with that being the case you might end up with some features that you really do not like. Also keep in mind that the nose will continue to develop throughout the adolescent years, and it will only stop once the individual reaches the age of sixteen. That being said, it is strongly recommended that the individual does not seek an operation before this age.

The rhinoplasty reduction reduces the size of the nose’s framework, or in other words, the part of the nose that the skin is draped over. The skin itself will remain roughly the same, with all of the cuts being made inside the nostrils. The skin of the nose has elastic properties, which makes it easy for it to shrink down and adapt to the smaller frame.

The operation in question will narrow the width of the nose, and in some cases it may cause the nostrils appear to be too wide which will be reasons for more adjustment. During the surgery a small piece of the skin may need to be cut, and this will in fact leave a scar on the side. There are quite a few different operations that can be completed when you are under the knife, so to speak, and the burning question on your mind right now probably has to do with the consequences of the surgery – what are they exactly?

Understanding the Potential Consequences

Plastic Surgery Institute MiamiThe surgery is definitely not life threatening but there are certain things you will want to prepare for. First of all, once the surgery is completed you will experience some bruising and swelling which will last for a considerable amount of time. Naturally the length of time varies between each person, but on average it will take about three weeks for the swelling to completely vanish. Throughout this time you will wear a splint over your nose, though once the swelling goes down, it will appear as if you did not have surgery at all.

What we have mentioned above is the physical ramification of a Miami nose job but you will also have to consider the mental ramifications. Because you are used to your old nose, your new one may actually catch you offguard.  The problem is that you, or at least your mind, is used to seeing your old nose, and your new one will look ‘wrong’ to you as you look in the mirror. That being the case you might need a few days to adjust, but cone you do, you’ll recover from your surgery and be ready to take on everyday life once again – it’s a great prospect!



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