The beneficial results of a standard, well-done facelift may last up to 15 years in most cases. This is because the standard aging process catches up with the results of surgical rejuvenation in that time period. Often similar features such as jowling, marionette line formation, deep wrinkles and skin laxity may re-emerge. A second or even third facelift may be performed to re-establish a rejuvenated facial portrait without giving the patient an artificial, “operated-on” appearance. Since many first time facelifts are done in individuals in their 50’s or so, it is not uncommon to see second and even third facelifts in person’s in their 60’s to 80’s.

Another reason why individuals seek a revision facelift is because of unwanted or suboptimal results. Regardless of the cause, in the vast majority of cases, unwanted features of previous facelifts can be improved or permanently corrected.

Why Use Our Surgeons for Revision Facelifting?

The goals of facelifting are not merely to make the face look younger. They are to rejuvenate the face, to help portray a healthy facial appearance that exudes vitality and suits the entire body. We want you to look on the outside the way you feel on the inside – youthful, refreshed and beautiful. Our surgeons understand that revision facelifting is often more challenging than primary facelifting. They are experts at resolving complex facial surgical problems and re-establishing a natural look in people that are unhappy with the current appearance of their face.