nose jobsRhinoplasty is a subject not often explore by many people. While we understand the idea of the procedure can seem strange, there are many cases where it can be a medical necessity. People may decide to go through with the procedure due to accident or injury, birth defects, or purely for aesthetic reasons.

Considering undergoing the procedure, yourself? We make sure to assess the needs of our patients beforehand like their health and financial situation before moving forward. While we understand going through with a nose job surgery as soon as possible sounds like a good idea, there are a few facts you might want to take into consideration before making your final decision. You may also want to make a few preparations in advance if you do decide to go through with the procedure.

You Will Need Time to Heal

When you undergo the procedure, you can expect swelling and bruising to occur in the affected area. This happens because your nose needs to heal after surgery, so you won’t see the final results until that time. You’ll need to take at least a week to or a week and a half off to recover to minimize the bruising and swelling as much as possible.

Ten days if often the most recommended time to wait before returning to work since you’ll feel more comfortable. While a splint can typically come off in about a week, waiting the full ten-day recovery period will help you to feel much better after undergoing the procedure.

You’ll Often See the Final Result Between 12-15 Months

The majority of the swelling concerned with undergoing rhinoplasty in Miami will usually go away within about two weeks. The residual swelling will take between four to six weeks to go away, but it won’t fully disappear for at least twelve to fifteen months. The most prominent parts of the nose the residual swelling will linger is usually in the nose and the tip.

The swelling can be slow to resolve itself and will temporarily affect the appearance of the nose. This is completely normal and is nothing to be worried about, but people often misunderstand it’s part of the process. You have to understand it will take a while for your nose to fully heal and once it has, the final results will shine through.

Avoid Exercising for at Least Four Weeks

We fully caution our patients against exercising for at least four weeks after undergoing the procedure. The reason for this is due to the fact a heart rate above 100 can cause increased bleeding, swelling, and bruising at the sight of the surgery. Avoiding exercising for this time period will allow your nose to heal and cut down on any discomfort you may experience after undergoing the procedure.

Bruising and Swelling Are Normal After a Nose Jobs Surgery

Nose Jobs SurgeryThe bruising and swelling aspect of this procedure is to be fully expected. You will feel discomfort, but the majority of it should go away within seven to ten days. The best way to deal with the discomfort is to keep your head elevated and to not move around as much as possible. Avoid exercising for at least four weeks so you don’t cause more swelling to occur. We also highly recommend to apply ice gel or cold compresses to your eyes to help reduce the swelling.

The worst of the bruising and swelling will go away after about seven days, but we recommend waiting ten days before returning to work. This allows you more time to heal and to feel more comfortable once you return to your daily routine.

Rhinoplasty is an option many people consider to take care of imperfections when it comes to their nose. We take the choice people make seriously, but we also make sure it’s the right one for you. Please fill out the consultation so we can explore your options for this procedure.


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