affordable breast implants MiamiWhatever natural beauty you were born with, it is inevitable that throughout life you will find some aspects about your body that you wish to change. As a woman, your breasts are a feature that help to define your figure. If you are unhappy with your breasts, it’s possible that you can develop issues like a lack of confidence, or even envy towards others whose breasts are more aesthetically appealing to you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting something different from your body, and when procedures are performed properly by expert surgeons, you can have results that give you your confidence back and make you feel like a completely new person.

If you’ve thought about making changes to your breasts but have been dismayed by the perceived cost of doing so, then you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are affordable breast implants Miami, and they can be performed by highly respected surgeons. At Plastic Surgery Institute Miami, we pride ourselves on an exceptional service with a price that is within reach.

Miami Breast Implants – Your Options

There are two key surgeries which are sometimes both referred to under the same umbrella of ‘breast implants’. Sometimes breast surgery doesn’t require an implant of any kind, and it depends on your unique situation, and what you want to change about the aesthetics of your breasts. Whether you want to increase the size of your breasts, or lift breasts that have begun to lower from age, our surgeons will talk you through the available procedures and the results that you can expect.

  • Breast Augmentation – Augmentation can increase your cup size through surgical implantation. If you’re unhappy with breasts that you feel are too small, then this is the surgery that you will be looking for. With the skill of our surgeons, scarring is minimal and the scar is left in an inconspicuous area, underneath the breast. It is important to understand that while augmentation can increase the size of the breast, the procedure is not enough on its own to address issues of drooping, or other aesthetic concerns that you may have, such as the position or the size of the nipples and areolae. When seeking a natural look, it may be necessary to also consider a breast lift.
  • Breast Lift – A breast lift can be performed at the same time, or independently of a breast augmentation. A breast lift can address the issue of sagging breasts that no longer meet your aesthetic desires. This surgery can completely change the contour of the breasts for a natural and more youthful appearance. This procedure can also redefine your cleavage as the breasts are repositioned, and overall the procedure could be described as providing you with ‘perkier’ breasts. Alone, this procedure will not increase the size of your breasts, but the aesthetic change may be what you’re looking for, even without increasing size. Our surgeons will provide an in-depth consultation and provide you with a simulation of what your breasts will look like after the procedure.

As you can see, both of these procedures often complement each other when you are visiting a breast implants specialty doctor in Miami. Upon consultation and hearing your needs and concerns, surgeons will make a recommendation that addresses these in the most cost effective and convenient way.

A Safe and Affordable Breast Implants Doctor

When you make changes to your body, you need to be sure that you’re booking approved procedures at a clinic that has a strong reputation and medical doctors who are highly qualified and experienced. There are some patients who choose to seek highly discounted procedures, or even travel outside of the country to have procedures completed. Finding an affordable breast implants doctor should never come at the expense of your health. At Plastic Surgery Institute Miami, we understand that affordability is a key concern.

Our prices are competitive with the domestic and international markets, and you have the added protection and value of undergoing treatments within a regulated environment at highly advanced facilities. Our medical team, including renowned practitioners such as Dr. Ghersi and Dr. Altman, will provide you with the confidence knowing that even though your surgery is affordable, it will also be carried out with utmost care and competence.

You can also take confidence from knowing that our surgeons have perfect patient review scores at RealSelf Inc., the most trusted international community of cosmetic surgeons and real people who have undergone cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

Breast Implants Specialists Miami – Additional Procedures

breast implants specialty doctor in MiamiThe procedures that we offer go beyond augmentation and breast lifts. There are a number of surgeries available that can help you to both look and feel your best. For many, Miami breast implants are the exact opposite of what they’re looking for. If you are uncomfortable with the size of your breasts, and want to reduce their size for an appearance that is more suited to your body shape, then you can talk to us about breast reduction surgery.

If you consider your breasts to be too large, then you may be suffering from more than just the aesthetic impact. If your breasts are not proportioned to your body, they can lead to posture issues, back pain, and even a lack of easy mobility in many cases. If you like to stay active, sometimes your breasts can cause issues during sporting and leisure activities. Pain can be intensified when you’re active, and you may be spending unnecessary amounts of money on specialized supportive undergarments. A breast reduction can reduce your cup size, and if there are other concerns with shape and appearance, surgery can be tailored to create a natural looking breast that will help you to feel comfortable and confident.

Miami Breast Implants You Can Trust

Finding an affordable practice doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice safety or the delicate artistic quality that goes into all of our procedures. Flexible payment and competitive rates mean that you can benefit from board certified surgeons with vast experience and a proven portfolio of success cases. Talk to us about your goals and we’ll work out the plans for the best breast implants Miami, or any specialty cosmetic procedures performed by our caring team.


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