Varying Cost of Nose Jobs

Many want to have their nose reconstructed for several reasons, and if you’ve come to the Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami then you may share one of those reasons. It could be for cosmetic reasons, the desire  to fix a defect or create the look they wished upon naturally; others having a true medical need to correct an issue caused by a birth defect in their nose. However, the cost for the best nose jobs Miami can be costly. Here are some ways you can finance your potential nose job.

A great Nose job can cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000. Prices which vary based on the notoriety of your surgeon, their level of expertise, and the intricacy of your surgery, among other things. You could even pay more depending on where you purchase your procedure.

Cosmetic vs Functionality Procedure Cost

As mentioned, Rhinoplasty can be used to cure breathing issues caused by ill formed nostrils, defects from birth, or simply to fix an anesthetic issue for appearance purposes. And while this is considered a risky procedure, the commonality of the procedure allows for Plastic Surgeons to have a decent grasp on completing some of the best nose jobs.

If undergoing the knife for a new nose due to a medical emergency or incident, then it is likely that you may be able to have insurance cover all or part of the cost for the Rhinoplasty procedure. They consider this functional rhinoplasty which requires the refining of the nose’ structure, and as such, it contributes to your overall health. Anesthetic surgery, however, is considered a personal expense and a surgical procedure based on cosmetic need and must be paid out of pocket [or check book].

For those who want rhinoplasty as a cosmetic need and not a functional procedure, it could result in the need for financing. If considering undergoing Rhinoplasty, it can either be a major investment or could end up breaking the bank.

Finance Plan Based on Varying Cost Factors

Nose Job MiamiWhen speaking with your doctor, it is crucial that you establish a plan for this risky and costly procedure.  Here are some factors that will affect your surgery cost when seeking a nose job.

  • Experience of Surgeon: if you are seeking an experienced Surgeon, understand the more years in the field the more likely he/she will run you a pretty penny. However, this is the biggest investment into selecting a surgeon capable of providing the best nose job possible. While in metropolitan and areas where the service is actually common, it could come as cheap as $3,000. Yet, in high end areas such as Beverly Hills, it could cost as much as $7,000 to $15000!
  • Venue Cost: While you may not be renting out a ball room to celebrate your awesome nose job, if you are considering a nose job for cosmetic reason you will have to include to coverage for the room and board, as you would at most hospitals had you not been prepared with proper medical insurance in any instance. Rhinoplasty can occur in three places: private surgical suites, ambulatory surgical centers, or hospitals. Private Surgical Locations can cost as little as $1,000 to $3,000 a procedure and depending on the intricate procedure it could take several follow ups to complete!
  • Anesthesia: obviously you want to make sure to cover the cost for your sleeping gas, right? If not it could be an unpleasant experience reconstructing your new nose. This can be costly since you have to not only pay for the drugs to keep you sedated and relaxed, but the staff who administers it as it requires a special technician or Anesthesiologist. This could cost anywhere from $300 to $500 an hour.
  • Extent of Treatment: Again, depending on the complexity of the nose job it could be finished in as little as an hour. Other procedures could take several visits and so there is no way to properly deduce this cost.
  • Location: Location, location, location! The location of where you purchased and had your nose job completed will definitely come into play as metropolitan areas such as Miami might offer Rhinoplasty at a much cheaper rate [being that they are so popular and easy to sell to high end clientele within these areas]. However, if you visited Kansas City and attempted to have your procedure complete it would cost you significantly more as these procedures aren’t as popular or easy to sell- so you pay more for the inconvenience.
  • Pre- and Post- operative Cost: Depending on your recovery process, follow up appointment, incurred cost of maintenance and upkeep (i.e facials, medicine, facial creams and toners, and even a laser treatments to speed up healing) this can range anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000.

Additional Cost to Account For

Of course, we haven’t considered lost wages, acquired cost for outsourced help and transportation if needed, and as most people are willing to travel long distances for the perfect nose job and a great surgeon- you could also count the cost of travel, gas, room and board, even food during your travels.

Financing, Discounts, and Non-profits

With cost like these, it isn’t unreasonable to ask for a financing plan from your doctor during the consultation.  As most healthcare professional do, they might offer discounts in-house or through third party providers.

There are also programs for those who have endured domestic violence and as a result now have need for facial reconstruction due to trauma which act as pro bono opportunities to help victims, for example FACE TO FACE a non-profit which helps those victims by providing funds or a portion of which is need for their facial injuries; such as nasal trauma.

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