Once people learn what rhinoplasty is, chances are they know someone who has either had it, or wants to have one done. Rhinoplasty, also known as nasal sculpting, is a form of surgery that can help a nose become the desired shape and size with minimal downtime. Rhinoplasty has also become rather popular recently due to the increased social acceptance of cosmetic surgery. If you’re ready to change your nose for the better, you’ll need to learn how to determine the best rhinoplasty options for you in Miami.

Why Change Your Nose?

Many people might consider changing your nose to be a silly thing. Changing things like belly fat or sagging faces have become almost normal, but changing something such as a nose might seem a little over the top in some people’s eyes. However, the nose is an important part of the face, and can change an entire person’s appearance dramatically. Many men and women these days face the problem of not enjoying their nose. They don’t think the nose suits their face, and wish it could be different. Rhinoplasty helps those dreams come true with just one short surgery!

For others, there may have been nasal trauma in the past, causing the nose to twist or bend at an odd angle, and possibly causing health concerns and breathing problems. Rhinoplasty helps resolve those problems and sculpt the nose back into a normal position. It all depends on the type of rhinoplasty you decide on.


Most rhinoplasty doctors in Miami are asked to perform reduction surgeries. For most of us, it’s exactly how it sounds. A large or hook-shaped nose is reduced in size until it fits the face a bit better. Most of the time it is because the person undergoing the surgery is sure that the nose is simply too large for their face and should be changed. While it is the most common form of rhinoplasty, it also has a varied description. Reduction rhinoplasties can focus in on specific areas of the nose, or reduce it as a whole. There are surgeries performed on reducing the nostril size, arch of the nose outline, nasal bone protrusion, and the nose tip. The nose tip is generally the more complicated part, as it does have to focus on both shortening the tip and making it smaller, to recreate the small cone effect that many of us have.

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This type of rhinoplasty is mainly focused on increasing the dimensions of the nose, from something small like the bridge of a nose to the entirety of the nose. Most of the non-cosmetic applications of this surgery are performed on those with congenital defects in the nose growth or with significant damage to the cartilage in the nose bridge. In layman’s terms, this usually means making a small nose large or fixing a slump in the outline of the nose. In some extreme cases, where there is not enough cartilage in the nose to build up the outline to the desired shape, an outside source may need to be procured. Some rhinoplasty doctors attempt a cartilage graft, while others take slivers of bone from your own body or procure artificial implants to achieve the desired effect.


An ethnic rhinoplasty is a nasal surgery that takes the ethnicity of the patient into consideration. This is normally the case, and it can be argued that all rhinoplasties are ethnic rhinoplasties. Recently, however, it has become more focused on the rhinoplasties performed on those with lower or “softer” nasal outlines, such as Eastern Asian ethnicities. Some of the more popular cosmetic surgeries have been Asians hoping to “Westernize” their appearance by changing their nose and eyes to appear more Caucasian. The changes to the nose are considered an ethnic rhinoplasty because of the patients’ focus to change specific ethnic aspects of their face.


A post-traumatic rhinoplasty is performed, obviously, on someone who has suffered a trauma to the nose. These focus on recreating the nose without the injuries, or filling in the holes that the injury caused.  This can be the most difficult of surgeries, depending on the damage done and the proposed fix. Many people with injuries such as broken noses or snapped cartilage are in the simpler areas of a post-traumatic rhinoplasty, while others who have suffered things such as shrapnel or dramatic reorganization of the face will require more planning and work.

Which is Right for You?

It can be pretty easy to decide whether you need a post-traumatic rhinoplasty or not, but for those wanting one for cosmetic reasons, it’s important to know what you want. If you find your nose too large for your face, you might not want to consider an augmentation rhinoplasty. Someone who is focusing on making their nose a specific way, and does not want to take into account the general nose shape of their own ethnicity might not want an ethnic rhinoplasty, and someone with a small nose won’t want it reduced more.

Knowing what type of rhinoplasty you want can help you decide between the best and the most affordable in nose jobs. While you can find plenty of surgeons, it is easier to narrow down a nose job doctor by their specialty in rhinoplasties! Look into the rhinoplasty doctors in Miami and see just how many offer the type of nose job you’re looking for. Do your research, compare costs, and explain to the doctor exactly what you want in order to change your face for the better!


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