There may be several reasons why you are considering finding a quality and board certified cosmetic surgeon in Miami.  The reasons could range from desiring to maintain a youthful appearance, correcting accidental or natural born flaws, or perhaps even dealing with results of weight loss.  Whatever the reason, there are many ways to improve your looks, as well as your health,  with the discovery of the right plastic surgeon in Miami.

Do You Want Rhinoplasty Surgery in Miami?

When you are looking to have rhinoplasty, also known as nose jobs, in the Miami area, you may be overwhelmed with the choices of doctors or plastic surgeons available in the area.  One of the most important features you want to examine is the experience and qualifications of the plastic surgeon, him or herself.  At the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, our surgeons are board certified, which means that you can have full faith in the experience and ability of the person who is charged with your rhinoplasty procedure.

Our experienced surgeons can help you with issues that may involve the function of your nose, such as a deviated septum or if you were injured in an accident that has caused you to have respiratory problems in your nasal cavity.  Whether you are seeking a new look to your nose, or you’ve suffered an accident or a form of biological dysfunction with your nose and are looking to have it addressed, click here to find out more about the various types of nose procedures PSI Miami offer to our clients.

Is It Time to Find a Liposuction Specialist in Miami?

Perhaps you have tried your hardest to lose that last little bit of unwanted fat in an area that just doesn’t seem to want to part ways with you.  You may have spent hours in a gym with a rather intimidating personal trainer, and tried heavily restrictive diets of all kinds, but that stubborn fat may still remain.  If you are experiencing this, it may be time to call upon the liposuction skills of a plastic surgeon in Miami.  You can learn more about how we offer premiere services and procedures to help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Why Look for a Tummy Tuck Expert in Miami?

Liposuction Specialist in MiamiThere are several reasons why you may be seeking a tummy tuck doctor in Miami.  Many of our female clients have experienced issues with a tummy that refuses to return to its previous state after giving birth.  Some clients may be victim to the tummy area as the one problem spot that refuses to budge when it comes to weight loss.   In both cases, a tummy tuck specialist in Miami, particularly the board certified surgeons at PSI Miami, can help shape and contour your stomach to give you the look desired.  A tummy tuck procedure is done with great care in mind as to hide the incision areas so that virtually no one will notice.  You can read how the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami approaches the tummy tuck procedure for further information.

Another important reason why you and many of our other clients may be interested in a body contouring procedure:  Extreme weight loss.  After your time with a gastric band doctor and going through a loss of a great amount of weight, there is the potential of having excess skin left behind.  Sometimes, this excess skin may continue to hinder your health as it does carry some weight to it, and may place a strain on various muscles in your body.  Having this skin removed and your body reshaped after your exciting weight loss is the finishing touch on your success story.  This type of scenario doesn’t just include a tummy tuck.  We also provide other forms of contouring procedures that may be required, such as face and neck lifts, breast lifts and even thigh and buttock lifts among others.  Whatever you may need to bring your body to its peak and showcase your amazing weight loss transformation, we have a procedure to help you achieve that goal.

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Cosmetic Surgeon in MiamiYour reasons for seeking the assistance of a plastic surgeon may include cosmetic or health related issues, or perhaps even both.  Regardless of the reason, you can rest assured that your choice to go with the board certified plastic surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami (found on the internet at is a sound decision.

The team of board certified doctors at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami are deeply committed to not only bringing you the best results, but improving the quality of your life by not only meeting but exceeding your expectations.  Our doctors and staff at PSI Miami are professional and highly qualified at ensuring your successful cosmetic medical procedure from planning through recovery.

Don’t wait another day!  Contact our friendly and helpful staff for your consultation appointment today.  You may either call us, or you can leave your information in a quick form when you visit our website.  Please feel free to leave as much detailed information about the procedure you are inquiring about, or the issues that you are facing so that we may partner with you to discover the best solution that fits your needs.

Your new body or face await you, and we look forward to hearing from you so that, together, we can improve the quality of your life.  What are you waiting for?  Schedule your personal consultation with a cosmetic surgeon at PSI of Miami now!


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