With the cooler rainy weather setting in and everyone hunkering down to work and focus on school, the fall and winter are excellent times to consider getting Miami breast implants. Certain times of the fall and winter provide better opportunities for you to take off work for surgery and recovery because fewer people are vacationing.

If you are looking forward to rocking a bikini with a new look next summer, check out this guide for everything you need to know about finding the best breast implants in Miami.

Choosing your Miami Breast Implants

Miami Breast ImplantsOne of the most important decisions you will need to make about your breast implants in Miami is whether you want silicone or saline implants. Both options have different pros and cons, and both can offer slightly different results. It is important to discuss your choice with your breast implant specialist in Miami while you prepare for your big day.

Silicone implants:

Silicone implants feature pre-filled units. The implant contains a thick, sticky fluid designed to feel like human fat. These implants are popular because they generally feel more natural than saline implants. One primary key difference is that breast implant doctors in Miami will not use this type of implant on women under the age of 22. Aside from the more natural feel, these implants have less risk for rippling issues. This type of implant is ideal for thinner patients with smaller breasts as saline is usually more effective for larger breast coverage.

Saline implants:

Saline implants contain sterile salt water. The implant goes into your chest empty and your doctor will fill the implants with saline, once they are in place. Unlike silicone implants, most women over the age of 18 can obtain this type of affordable breast implants in Miami. One of the biggest benefits of saline is cost. You can save around $1,000 on breast implant costs in Miami. Other benefits include adjustability. Because the implant goes in empty, your doctor has more options with adjusting how much saline they use to get the right look. Other benefits include smaller scarring and more size options.

Costs of Breast Implants

Because breast implants fall into the category of cosmetic surgery, in most cases insurance will not cover the cost. This means that you will have to pay your affordable breast implants doctor out of pocket. The average surgery can range anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. Some factors that determine your cost include the type of implant you choose and how big an implant you choose. Choosing a quality breast implants doctors in Miami will also affect the price. While the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami offers competitive, affordable pricing, we may charge a little more than other doctors in the area may. Our board certified physicians have years of experience and make your health, safety and happiness our top priority.

When you choose your surgeon, do not rely on price alone. Many underqualified doctors can perform the procedure for a lower cost, but this could put your health at risk.

What to expect from the best breast implants in Miami

breast implants in MiamiPrior to your surgery, you will consult with your surgeon about your expectations. Your surgeon will show you the different implants and help you choose the style and size that fits your desires. During your consultation, make sure to discuss any medical conditions, allergies and other important information to ensure the safest procedure possible.

On the day of your surgery, your doctor may ask you to avoid eating and drinking for some time beforehand. This helps reduce possible complications.  Depending on your doctor and the amount of work done, you may get the procedure as an outpatient procedure or you may be asked to stay overnight for observation.

The best breast implants in Miami take roughly one to two hours from start to finish. You will likely undergo general anesthesia, which will put you to sleep. During the procedure, your surgeon will make incisions underneath your breasts, around your nipples or under your arm. Your doctor will choose the incision site based on an individual basis. Weight, implant type and size all factor into this decision.

After the incision, your surgeon will insert the implant near your chest muscle. If you chose saline implants, your doctor will use this time to fill the implants and close the cuts.

After the breast-implant surgery

Complete recovery usually occurs over time. Immediately following surgery, your doctor may have drainage tubes attached to reduce the risk of infection. Your surgeon will remove these tubes within a few days. Your doctor will also recommend that you wear a surgical bra to offer maximum support during your healing.

Like most surgical procedures, you will have restrictions. You will not be able to participate in heavy lifting (moving, carrying children etc.) for about four to six weeks post op. To help ease the pain, you can take over the counter medications. Swelling and pain should resolve within a few weeks and scarring will face over time as well.

Breast implant surgery is a safe procedure when you work with a skilled doctor. However, like all surgeries there are risks. Some risks to consider include changes in sensation in the breast and nipple (or numbness), scar tissue, scarring, bleeding, size/symmetry problems and infection. Occasionally, implants can tear or rupture. With saline, you can rest easy as this sterilized water is safe, and you will know right away if it tore. Silicone implants will not show immediate signs that they have ruptured.

To learn more about breast implants in Miami, call us today.


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