People consider the nose to be the most prominent feature of the face. This distinction makes it natural for rhinoplasty, or “Nasal Sculpting.” to be one of the most common Plastic Surgery procedures performed today.

People consider rhinoplasty for multiple reasons. Some feel their nose does not match their face. Others may think it is too big or too broad. An unwanted hump on the dorsum of the nose is a very common complaint. If an individual does not feel their nose fits their face, they may have real emotional and psychological concerns. This issue can especially be a problem for teens and young adults. However, patients also seek rhinoplasty later in life. In these scenarios, our surgeons frequently perform rhinoplasty to achieve facial balance and harmony, often in concert with other facial rejuvenation procedures.

Many people have suffered nasal trauma. Accidents involving the nose can adversely affect not only the appearance but also the function of the nose. Our surgeons deal with patients who have suffered nasal trauma on an acute and chronic basis. They can treat a broken nose immediately after an accident, or they can correct the consequences that result from inadequate or unavailable initial treatment. The vast majority of time, they perform operations that address the functional and aesthetic concerns of the afflicted individuals, rendering them very happy with their new nose.

Nose Procedures