Because of our vast experience and international reputation for excellence, we are accustomed to treating and caring for patients that have traveled from far and wide to visit The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami.

Living in South Florida we are used to sunshine, the beach and an outdoor lifestyle. That is why we recognize how important it is to provide our patients with long lasting, natural results and a quick and safe recovery. We also understand how important it is to keep scarring down to a minimum and we are experts at minimally invasive procedures as well as performing surgeries through well hidden and discrete incisions.

Our friendly and hard working staff is more than happy to help you arrange a trip for your consultation with us. We are happy to provide your initial consultation online through our video conferencing appointments. Once you book surgery, we can help with travel plans as well as help arrange for your recovery plans. Your patient coordinator at the INSTITUTE can even help you arrange for a nurse or aide to stay with you while you rest and recuperate after your surgery.

Imagine taking a vacation to sunny South Florida and returning home completely rejuvenated and refreshed. You can have your surgery with some of the best trained and experienced Board Certified Surgeons in the country, while enjoying the discrete privacy of being away from home. When you get home everyone will wonder why you look so great.

Of course all surgery involves some risk and you have to be very careful traveling after your cosmetic procedure. We will provide you with all the instructions you need to ensure a safe, pleasant experience and a healthy journey home.

Given the reasonable cost of surgery here in Miami, most patients find they can have a great vacation and the surgery of their dreams all for less money than having the surgery at home. Give us a call or contact us below and we will get you started on achieving the look of a lifetime.