Most of us are born with features we do not like and would gladly change to have a better looking nose, bigger breast or a slimmer waistline. Our doctors are professionally trained to work on different areas from Brazilian butt lifts to tummy tucks.  Getting Brazilian butt lift Miami is a procedure that lifts your buttocks to a higher position adding volume and enhancing your shape. With Brazilian butt lift our doctors remove excess fat from their body, harvest and inject the fat cells into your buttocks. We place the cells close to your blood supply so that the harvested cells can survive and not be absorbed by the body. Click here to read reviews from our Brazilian butt lifts in Miami.

plastic surgeons in Miami

As an institution we have qualified well trained plastic surgeons to give you the results you desire. We offer high level cosmetic surgery with a team of certifies surgeons specialized in different fields. We offer procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift and tummy tuck. We also offer non-surgical or non invasive procedures to turn back the time with facial fillers or Botox injections. Our cosmetic surgeons are always at hand for any consultations or questions you may have about each procedure. We take safety of our patients with the importance it deserves giving our clients the best results. For more information about our services, visit our website

What we offer as PSI Miami  

With so many doctors offering the same services, we are set apart from them with our long list of satisfied customers. Our team of doctors and specialist work in different areas to give you the perfect results. We advice our clients to take into account that surgery is not a long term solution but engaging in proper healthy eating and exercise to keep your body fit. At PSI Miami we offer the best service for inpatient and outpatient care. After the surgery our doctors ensure that you are comfortable and that the wounds are well tended to. Pain medication after surgery is offered to keep you comfortable with little to no soreness.

At PSI Miami we understand the importance of self esteem, we are not born perfect and the need to change your looks comes at a price. Our breast implant specialist Miami offers consultations on breast augmentation, advices our clients on the recommended cup size. A well done breast augmentation works with your body to give you a natural look. Breasts are sensitive and our doctors have done thousands of such surgeries, they use the latest technology to reduce scarring on your breasts. We work to build excellence in terms of great service and even better results go to to learn more.

As you get older the skin on your cheek bones and ears becomes weak, wrinkles and fine lines can easily be seen on your forehead and neck. Our facelift surgeon in Miami is a miracle worker, sculpts your face and makes recommendations for younger looking skin. We understand that there are creams that are sworn to clear wrinkles, but with our facelift surgeon in Miami they make it permanent. Botox injections are also recommended as a non-invasive procedure to give your skin that glow. At PSI Miami we understand the changes that come with age and we offer the latest procedures to keep you confident in your body.

Rhinoplasty Miami procedures have been marred with horror stories of stuffy noses. In the quest to have a nose that is picture perfect ‘other’ doctors use substandard equipments that end up ruining your image. At the plastic surgery institute of Miami we work towards giving our clients the best in terms of safety and overall care. A well constructed nose job will be well aligned with all your facial structures, whether you want a smaller nose or slightly symmetrical to your face. Our growing list of patients with regard to our exemplary service and the best plastic surgeons Miami has offer click here.

Why we are the best surgeons Miami has to offer

Looking for help in different plastic surgeons offices can be expensive in terms of consultations. At PSI Miami we have the best surgeons in the industry all of them specialists in their fields. For all our procedures we offer friendly financing packages. We have at hand tummy tuck specialist Miami has to offer this means you will get top notch care and great results. With our tummy tuck doctors in Miami they offer consultation services in their offices offering recommendations and lightly explain the procedure.

Cosmetic surgeries covers different areas face, nose, breasts and body at PSI Miami we have specialists in all areas. With years of experience our specialists will work on your trouble areas and give you perfect results. We have the best post surgery care that encompasses your body. We have the best in-patient care; your body is sore and full of pain, like any other major surgery cosmetic surgery is one of them. At PSI Miami we understand your need to look good or give your life big changes. Cosmetic surgery can be fatal if not well done but not at PSI Miami our specialist are vast with experience of the human anatomy. If you are looking for the best in the industry visit our website and learn more about the procedures we offer at


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