Dr. Oeltjen is a locally and nationally recognized Plastic Surgeon specializing in all aspects of plastic surgery, including reconstructive, revisional, cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgery.

Dr. Oeltjen’s training included an MD, a PhD in Molecular and Human Genetics, and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. The extensive training included intensive cancer reconstruction training at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. After completing residency and prior to entering private practice at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, Dr. Oeltjen was faculty at the University of Miami for eight years, achieving the rank of Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery.

While at the University of Miami, his practice and interests developed to include aesthetic surgery of the breasts and trunk, breast reconstruction, and microsurgical reconstruction in collaboration with the multiple surgical specialty services. Collaboration with these services provided opportunities to participate in reconstruction on nearly every part of the human body. This includes experiences ranging from salvage of legs and arms injured in traumatic accidents to complex facial bone fracture repairs and challenging head and neck reconstructions after cancer removal.

Despite a large and diverse breadth of experience, Dr. Oeltjen’s reconstructive passion remains breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients. With the goal of returning the patient both physically and emotionally to a pre-diagnosis well-being, he offers the full range of breast reconstruction from deep inferior epigastric artery perforator free flaps to implant based reconstruction.

The common goal in all of his surgeries is utilization of his extensive knowledge base and experience to achieve the best appearing and most natural result possible with substantial longevity and minimal scarring.

Dr. Oeltjen is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.”