Breast LiftPseudoptosis is a form of breast sagging that, while not technically classified as a type of true skin drooping, is still a cosmetic issue that many people get corrected. With pseudoptosis, there is an excess of breast tissue under the areolae, hanging well below the inframammary fold.

If you want to remedy pseudoptosis, you have two options: a breast augmentation or a breast lift. A breast augmentation would add volume and perkiness without requiring a breast lift of any kind. Another option is having the surgeon remove the excess lower pole tissue with the help of a vertical or anchor lift.

Regardless of the procedure you choose to correct pseudoptosis, you should take the time to learn more about the issue. Discuss pseudoptosis with Doctors Jason Altman and Marcelo Ghersi, both skilled, board-certified cosmetic surgeons serving the Miami area. For an appointment, contact our office.

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