PtosisPtosis is the technical term for excess drooping skin. If you want to get a breast lift to remedy your sagging breasts, you can gauge the amount of ptosis you have – your ptosis grade – by putting a ruler horizontally into the creases below your breasts and looking in the mirror. The upper edge of the ruler defines the crease. The key to understanding the grade is comparing the nipple position to the upper edge of the ruler.

If your nipple is in line with the ruler’s upper edge, you have Grade I ptosis. If it’s below the top edge, you have Grade II, and if it’s far below the top edge, you have Grade III. Grade III ptosis also involves your areolae pointing downwards.

Now that you have a better concept of your breasts’ ptosis grade, you should set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss breast lift procedure options. Arrange an appointment with Doctors Marcelo Ghersi and Jason Altman, board-certified plastic surgeons serving the Miami area.

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