Facelift doctor in MiamiWith the weather heating up and the beach season growing a little closer, now is the perfect time to add a little lift to your life. At The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, we offer skilled surgeons who can help you get the look you want just in time for bikini weather. Whether you want to perk up your booty or kick some of those age lines to the curb, we are here to help. Our skilled, trained doctors will make your cosmetic surgery a great experience. Check out a few of the services we offer in our office:

Brazilian Butt Lifts in Miami

One of our most popular procedure is the Brazilian butt lifts Miami. The procedure is a simple surgery that takes fat from elsewhere in your body and strategically infuses it back into your bottom. The surgery requires a sort of liposuction, where the doctor removes fat from your stomach or thighs. The fat is processed and inserted back into your bottom. Your surgeon will put the fat back into your body through strategically placed injections. The fat will help lift your butt to give you a more youthful, perky appearance.

Our surgeons are skilled at this technique and can help you head out this summer with your dream figure. There will be a recovery period and it may take several weeks for swelling to subside completely, but we are here to help ensure your recovery goes smoothly.

If you are interested in getting a procedure that will take years off your face, consider working with a facelift doctor in Miami. Our board-certified surgeons can help you take years back so you look as young as you feel.

Facelift doctor in Miami

Choosing a face lift doctor in Miami should be a careful process. Your face is one of your most important assets. We understand the importance of ensuring that your procedure happens safely and to your satisfaction. When you decide to work with facelift specialist Miami, you are entrusting your face to a surgeon. We will help you create the look you want with a consultation visit. Our surgeons can help you decide how much tightening and lifting you want done, for a natural, youthful appearance.

It is vital that you consider your health when speaking with facelift doctor Miami. Cosmetic surgery is extremely safe. New technology, medical knowledge and techniques make recovery time faster and the entire procedure safer; however, all surgeries have risks. These risks are enhanced by various medical conditions, medications and other surgical procedures. Before you undergo surgery, speak to your facelift surgeon in Miami to ensure that your surgery can proceed safely. We take your health seriously.

Visit psiMiami.com to learn more about our procedures.

Breast Implants in Miami

Breast Implants in MiamiDid you know that doctors perform nearly 300,000 breast implants in the United States every year! Feeling feminine is important for many women. Feeling good in your body is important for you. If you are interested in perking up your breasts, you should consider breast implants Miami. Breast implants are a safe way to increase your self-esteem and get the figure you have always wanted.

Your breast implant specialist Miami will speak to you about your body and your goals. After an examination, your doctor can help you choose the right size for your body. Your surgery is relatively simple and recovery can be as quick as three or four weeks. Your surgeon will create a small incision under your breasts. The doctor than inserts the implants through the opening. Depending on the type of breast you choose, your implants may be prefilled, or your doctor will fill them following insertion. Scarring will be minimal and nearly invisible. Recovery may be a little painful, but swelling and pain should subside significantly in the first two weeks. You will need to be careful about lifting heavy items for at least three weeks post-surgery.

Botox injections in Miami

If you are interested in cosmetic surgery, but concerned about taking a big leap, consider Botox injections Miami. Botox injections are the easiest cosmetic procedures. The outpatient procedure involves the injection of Botox, which paralyzes specific muscles. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This procedure is very common and very safe for most patients.

Doctors can use Botox injections in your lips, cheeks, and forehead and around your eyes. The effects of Botox are temporary and injections must be repeated every three or four months to maintain appearance. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you are not eligible to receive injections.

Medical professionals even use this procedure to help reduce pain related to muscle injuries and migraines. We ensure that your new look will meet your satisfaction. Our surgeons will perform the injections in office and you can go home soon afterwards. If you want to put your toes in the water of cosmetic surgery, these injections are the easiest, leas painful options for you to explore.

To learn more about the different surgeries we perform visit our website. At The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, we make every effort to ensure that you receive the best service possible. Our skilled surgeons and licensed and trained to provide your choice procedure. Don’t rely on uncertified surgeons to get you the results you want and deserve. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our surgeons, and get started on your journey to a more youthful appearance.


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