breast implant MiamiGetting breast implants could be for a variety of reasons.  You may have received a mastectomy for cancer and want the opportunity to recreate your breast for sake of symmetry. You may be getting implants due to an uneven sizing that causes problems.  You may be getting them for the general aesthetic reasons of wanting to feel more confident in your own skin.  All of them are completely valid reasons!  However, before you choose to undergo a major surgery such as this one, you want to be sure to ask some questions.

What is the recovery like?

We all know that recovery from any major surgery is going to be painful.  When planning a surgery, you need to know a general idea of how much time you’ll want to take off from work, and if the kids need to stay at the grandparents’ for a few days. Having an idea of your recovery time frame and phases of recovery will not only help you prepare properly ahead of time, but will also allow you the ability to monitor your current progress in recovery.

What is the pain level I can expect?

One wonderful thing you learn in a surgeon’s breast implant Miami office is this: Breast tissue is surprisingly unfeeling.  Don’t be mistaken, you will feel pain.  Discussing with your physician what type of pain you may be feeling after surgery will allow you to decide what kind of pain management techniques you’d like to use.  Do sutures bother you?  Then you may want a soothing cool pack or cream to place along the stitch line.  Will it be the stretching of skin and new pressure that bothers you the most?

There may be a specific kind of medication you can talk with your surgeon about having on standby depending on your pain level.  Each person responds to pain very differently.  Having a good idea of how you respond to pain and the knowledge of general pain management and levels that are considered normal will allow you the ability to prepare and evaluate where you may be on the scale.  Because increased pain could be a sign of infection, knowing a general description of the kind of pain and recovery symptoms you may experience will be helpful in determining any complications.

What are signs I should be watching for?

Like all surgeries, breast implants also carry a risk of infection and other complications during recovery.  It is a major surgery, and must be approached as such. Because of this, you need to be aware of what is normal and what is not.  If you r incision sites or implants hurt after surgery, that is to be expected.  But if they feel hot to the touch, become angry red, ooze, or get too painful to touch, it may be time to call your surgeon for a follow up.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.

What is the best fit for me?

No one size will fit everyone. One size of implant may fit another better than yourself, and vice versa.  Talking with your surgeon to get a fit that suits your style, preferences, and body is a choice that you won’t regret.  The main thing that can be difficult to gauge on your own is what size of implant may fit you best.  If you are a smaller frame, the chances an E cup will look natural and be safe for your back will not be as likely compared to someone with a larger frame.  Finding the size of implants that both fit and look natural for your body is something that your surgeon can help you with greatly. After all, your goal is to look as natural as possible while also helping you feel confident and attractive, right?

How will this affect me every day?

Breast Procedures MiamiGrowing up, we get used to having breasts of a certain size.  Loosing breasts in a Mastectomy or breast tissue reduction can cause a noticeable change in movement – just like breast implants can too! This is an aspect that a lot of people don’t expect to be noticeable. For the first few weeks though, you may notice having to accommodate your breasts differently.  It shouldn’t restrict mobility, but you may find yourself leaning over things slightly differently, or grabbing something in a slightly different way than before.  This can be a new change that is a surprise to some.  By asking your surgeon if there are any changes you might expect to occur, you can get an idea if there is anything you may need to prepare to accommodate a little differently.  Of course, this will also depend on the size of implants you get for your frame.

What if I don’t like them?

Unfortunately, even when you are prepared for recovery, have picked out the sizes that you and your plastic surgeon in Miami think are best, and have committed to the procedure, there are those that do not like their implants.  Often times this is short lived and may be related to pain during recovery, slight changes in lifestyle, or people remarking on a difference. However, there are those that are truly uncomfortable with their implants.  In this case, knowing your options ahead of time is a good idea.  Getting a reduced size implant is an option you may be able to discuss, as is removal of the implants.  Counseling is a great option to try and pinpoint the cause of this discord and addresses it – after all, a change in our bodies may lead to some body image issues that, once worked through, are very temporary.

When looking to enhance your looks or return them to their previous state, you want to make sure that you are comfortable with your decision and comfortable with your surgeon.  Ask any question that comes to mind – after all, it is your body, and no question is too insignificant for that!



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