plastic surgeon Miami instituteThe Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami is owned and operated by very talented surgeons with world class training. They have delivered outstanding, natural looking results and have a practice like no other in the area.

If you choose our facility, our staff will be warm and energetic in welcoming you and keeping you as comfortable as possible. They are trained and will provide unparalleled concierge style patient care.

When this institute was founded, the only interest in mind was you, the patient.  No matter what surgery it is, we will always be committed to your health, safety, and your end results. Unlike most institutes, this plastic surgeon Miami institute was founded and is entirely owned by the doctors. This means that the people in charge of your health are not businessmen or investors, but the doctors that will be working on your body.

A lot of private practices have one doctor that will take care of any surgery you are looking for, however in our practice, we have several doctors that specialize in specific areas so that you will get the best results possible. For the best facility and the peace of mind our patients deserve, all of our doctors are Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. This should also assure our patients because this means that all of our doctors have received the best training possible and have passed the very difficult certification process. If that isn’t enough, all of our doctors have performed thousands of surgeries with amazing results.

One reason people come to get plastic surgery is to look younger and more refreshed. Our doctors have performed thousands of facial rejuvenation procedures and are experts in this area. They have performed surgeries such as face lifts, neck lifts and eyelid surgery. In addition, we also have experts in many facial fillers and resurfacing techniques.

Along with facial surgery and other procedures, people looking to enhance their figure will also seek out surgery. This could range from getting a slimmer waist or a breast enlargement. Our doctors are known as breast and body contouring virtuosos. Our doctors have performed thousands of surgeries on happy patients across the country. These include breast enlargement, liposuction, tummy tucks and more.

Because of people traveling to our institute from all over the country, our office staff will always be happy to help you with travelling arrangements.

Best Facelift Surgeon in Miami

Although there are many different procedures that can make you look younger and rejuvenated, the facelift is the gold standard in modern plastic surgery. A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a facial, rejuvenation surgical procedure that is designed to diminish any visible signs of aging on your face. A facelift can also treat the signs of an aging neck. When you are looking into a facelift surgeon in Miami, choose one in our institute for the safest and best results.

Perfect Nose Jobs Miami

Because the nose is considered to be the most prominent feature of the face a nose job is the most common procedure in plastic surgery and there are a few different procedures you can have done when you chose our nose jobs Miami. With our facility you can get the following:

  • Primary Rhinoplasty – Nasal Sculpting
  • Revision Rhinoplasty – Nasal Reconstruction
  • Functional Rhinoplasty – Airway Surgery

facelift surgeon in MiamiThere are many reasons people come to get a rhinoplasty. They may think that their nose doesn’t fit their face or that it is too long or too big. Another reason is that they may have an unwanted hump on the dorsum of the nose. In teens and young adults, if their nose isn’t satisfactory, it may cause emotional and psychological issues.

Another reason people get rhinoplasty is due to nasal trauma. If something has happened to the nose, it can not only affect the appearance, but it can also affect the function of the nose itself. Our surgeons have worked with patients who have had these issues on an acute and chronic basis. Whether the nose is newly broken or has been a while after the initial break, they will be able to fix the situation and make it look and function as it should.

Depending on the rhinoplasty being performed, the procedure can last anywhere from 1-2 hours. The surgeons in our facility usually prefer a general anesthetic as to make sure you are comfortable and your airways are protected during surgery. There are two approaches the doctor could take. The first is an open approach where the surgeon will make a small incision at the base of the nose. The second approach is a closed (endonasal) approach, whereby all incisions are made inside the nose leaving no visible scars.

Besides fixing these aesthetic and cosmetic concerns, our surgeons can also correct breathing problems related to nasal airway obstruction or a deviated septum. After the surgery, patients will wear a small nasal cast for about a week and will also be able to return to school or work.

To balance the face, it is not uncommon for other surgeries such as a chin implant, neck liposculpture, lip augmentation, or an eyelid procedure to take place.

Breast Implant Specialist Miami

When you visit our breast implant specialist Miami, you will be getting a breast enhancement. This will enhance the size, shape and projection of the breasts using breast implants. Because women get them for different reasons and in different sizes, they come in a range of sizes. They will either be filled with saline or silicone.

Effective Liposuction Miami

If you are looking to lose excess fat and make your appearance look better choose our specialist in liposuction Miami. You will get the results you are looking for and be safe.

Firm Brazilian Butt Lifts Miami

If age is staring to wear everywhere on your body and are looking to firm up, we not only do a buttock augmentation but we also do Brazilian Butt Lifts Miami to make your body firm.


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