nose job doctorAccidents, even fairly minor ones, can definitely be enough to shake someone up.  An accident that is severe enough to damage one’s face and nose can be nothing short of traumatic.  Whether it be a vehicular accident or some other incident, any force that prompts a person to seek rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) will most like leave a person scared and vulnerable.  Not only does an individual have to endure the mental and emotional results of such an incident, dealing with physical results can be absolutely brutal.  To make things worse, a damaged face and/or nose simply makes a bad situation even worse.

A damaged nose can have more than aesthetic concerns, it can have medical concerns as this is the “front line” of the respiratory system.  A physically damaged nose can lead to breathing problems, a condition far more severe than cosmetic concerns.  It’s not that aesthetic concerns aren’t important after an accident, but they are not a medical issue.  Yes they can have mental and emotional effects, but these effects do not impact a person’s ability to properly breath.

Nasal reconstruction surgery

Nasal reconstruction surgery calls for a proven nose job doctor such as those the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami  and the Institute is not just a nose job clinic, it is a state of the art ambulatory surgical facility that focuses on the comfort and well-being of its patients.  Though the office is located in one of the oldest and most well-known buildings in beautiful Coral Gables, it is brand new and truly exceptional with a discrete patient elevator to ensure maximum privacy, a generous waiting room for friends and family, spacious recovery rooms, and two top-tier operating rooms.  The Institute was built on patient care and it knows that patients who have been through trauma need an additional level of medical care.

The Institute doctors are true experts in the field who are Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  They have received superb training, passed rigorous certification processes, and have performed thousands of plastic surgery procedures.  Each doctor seems to possess a special touch which makes them an even stronger team.  Doctor Jason Altman’s hallmark is providing natural, long lasting results with custom tailored procedures that will result in a look that matches a person’s face and body as well as their wishes.  Doctor Marcelo Ghersi is well-known for his beautiful, natural results plus his caring personality as he is completely devoted to the safety, satisfaction, and well-being of his patients.  Doctor John Oeltjen has extensive knowledge and experience in delivering exceptionally natural results with substantial longevity and minimal scarring.

nose job doctorNo matter how bad the trauma might have been or how damaged a nose is, the exceptional doctors at the Institute can repair the damage both cosmetically and medically.  A nose can be treated immediately after an accident or after the fact in the event of inadequate treatment or if treatment is unavailable at the time of the trauma.  Patients will be carefully evaluated and any pre-or post-medical concerns will also be discussed during the initial consultation.  Before an accident, a person might have had a flawless nose with no breathing or respiratory issues at all.  A damaged nose can not only have aesthetic results, it can also lead to problems like valve collapses or damage to the septum/sinuses.

While corrective nose surgery take longer and can be tricky, that does not mean a nose is beyond repair.  If anything, the experts at the Institute can repair all aspects of the damage restoring not only a person’s appearance, but also their breathing capabilities.  The surgery can utilize an open or closed approach depending on what needs to be done and recovery time is usually only about a week.  Tissue might be used from the ear or even the ribs to rebuild the nose which can increase recovery time but synthetic materials are commonly used too.  The surgeons at the Institute possess unique experience and expertise in dealing with even the most complex of nasal surgeries.  In fact, many surgeons in the area send their patients to the Institute for this very reason.

If you have been involved in some sort of trauma that has damaged your nose, contact the Institute at [email protected] or give them a call at 305-446-7700.  If you would prefer to handled everything in person, the Institute is located at 550 Biltmore Way, Suite 120 Coral Gables, FL 33134.  Financing options are available and can be discussed during the initial consultation.  If you have any insurance questions the staff will be happy to answer these as well.  No matter how bad an accident might have been, rest assured these talented doctors can restore your health and appearance.  They will also do so with warmth and sensitivity as they are doctors first and foremost.



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