Saddle NoseSaddle nose – also known as nasal dorsum collapse, pug nose, or boxer’s nose – is a deformity of the nasal architecture. When someone has a saddle nose, there is a depression in the bridge of their nose, or dorsum. This depression causes the bridge to appear scooped like a saddle.

Having a saddle nose deformity or other nasal condition can make a person feel self-conscious about their appearance. Frequently, patients seek out plastic surgeons for a rhinoplasty procedure to correct their saddle nose.

Doctors Marcelo Ghersi and Jason Altman, both skilled plastic surgeons in the Miami area, have a long history of performing rhinoplasty surgeries and helping patients reach their aesthetic goals. To learn more about saddle nose deformities and the rhinoplasty procedure, contact our office to set up an appointment today.

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