My overall experience was great, no complaints, no disappointments, no issues! Everything went smoothly & I am very happy with my results. I was very new to cosmetic surgery and had many questions. Dr. Altman is amazing. His personality and demeanor is great. He is extremely friendly and easy going. He has a way of taking all your nervousness away and makes you feel extremely comfortable during your appointments. Any feeling of discomfort or embarrassment completely disappears once Dr. Altman started the exam. He explains everything in great details, which leaves you with very little questions. However any questions you do have he makes sure to answer each and every one with full confidence. After the surgery I had to attend follow up visits, again Dr. Altman attended to each of my visits and was very professional and knowledgeable regarding any concerns or questions I had. He is a truly amazing doctor. Everyone who asks me about my breasts, I refer them to Dr. Altman and give the simple explanation that he is a very amazing talented doctor.

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