It is never an easy decision to have surgery and it is important to have some research done on the kind of operation you will undergo. Nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, may have a scary sound to it but if you have done enough research and information it can give you the confident to go through the complete surgical procedure. The nose is one of the most important features of your face, and the reason for having a rhinoplasty done are not limited to just cosmetic surgery since it is mostly used as a corrective surgery.

Rhinoplasty has become a common solution to changing, resizing or reshaping your nose. Many people get rhinoplasty to correct indentations, bumps or other defects in the nose like cleft lip and cleft palates. Some go through the surgery to enhance nasal conditions so it can improve chronic congestions and breathing problems. You will no longer need to worry as the Plastic Surgery Institute has the best rhinoplasty doctors in Miami.

  • Give it some Thought: A surgery can be very taxing and it can have repercussions if not handled the right way. It has certain risks attached to it, but it has its benefits. You must be in excellent health to undergo a surgical procedure and it is important to discuss with your doctor.
  • Pre and Post surgery treatment: Preparing for a surgery is important and following the doctor’s instructions for a restricted diet are important to consider. A nose job after the surgery may cause some swelling, but the doctor will prescribe certain medications for it.
  • Read about rhinoplasty: Read about the surgery in detail and how it’s done to understand the procedure. Discuss in detail with your doctor and then undergo the procedure. PSI Miami has the best rhinoplasty doctors in Miami.
  • Get your doctor’s approval: You will find the best rhinoplasty specialty doctor in Miami at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami and he will discuss the surgery in detail with you, get to know you, understand your expectations and then approve you as a candidate for the procedure. Manage your expectations because you cannot get what you exactly desire.
  • Understand if you really need this: In case you have a defect from birth or due to some accident then you should probably go ahead with the surgery but if you’re doing it to give your nose a better shape and you’re in good health then you are an ideal candidate for the procedure too.
  • Understand the types of rhinoplasty: There are four types of a nose job and your doctor will suggest which one is better for you. Closed Rhinoplasty is where an incision is made inside the nostril which becomes invisible after healing. It gives a faster recovery time and results in quick healing. Open Rhinoplasty is where an incision is made inside the nose and between the nostrils, allowing the surgeon more visibility and flexibility during the procedure. Undergoing revision rhinoplasty can also be required in a case of damage or injury. Having a secondary rhinoplasty surgery can be harder to perform than the primary procedure because if the septum is altered or partly removed during the first surgery then it can be a challenging task for the doctors. Some cases may not require surgery. Using dermal filters as a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty is offered by many cosmetic doctors and nurses. Minor deformities can be corrected using the filter including the smoothing out of small dents or lumps in the nose and minor asymmetry corrections.

rhinoplasty doctors in Miami

Finding the right rhinoplasty specialty doctor in Miami 

Before going through any kind of surgery, there are things you need to confirm like understand that the surgeon is board-certified and has the specialty to perform Rhinoplasty. The Plastic Surgery Institute has the best rhinoplasty doctors in Miami and we make sure you get the best surgeon who is specialized in Rhinoplasty.

Some doctors have a website which is fully dedicated to rhinoplasty which is a good source of information but it is always best to ask and check with other sources as well. Rhinoplasty is said by many to be one of the most difficult surgeries to perform; any small change to the nose can have a huge impact on your features. Our rhinoplasty doctors in Miami take all precautions to make sure you get satisfying results.

A nose job can have a huge impact on your features, having the right consultant is extremely important and at PSI Miami you are not just able to find the best surgeons, but you can also get the most affordable rhinoplasty doctors in Miami. Discussing your hopes and goals is important to make sure you are clear about your expectations and the surgeon understands as well. Listening to your surgeon is also very important and setting the right expectations is essential to a successful procedure.

If your surgeon tells you to avoid a certain kind of nose you may want, it may be best to listen to a professional’s advice. To give you an idea of what your nose could look like after you go through surgery, a 3D image may be helpful. It will give you an idea of what to expect after getting a nose job. Rhinoplasty specialists in Miami, particularly, the ones working at PSI Miami have become increasingly popular for giving people the best nose jobs with results that far exceed expectations and give people the confidence they deserve.

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