If you’ve ever wondered why women get breast implants, you’re not alone. Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery performed in the United States, even though those who get it are met with dismissal and judgment. So, just what exactly drives women to seek Miami breast implants? Are they superficial? Insecure? Desperate?

We think the real answer might surprise you

Breast implants doctors in Miami and all around the country performed more than 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries in 2013. That number is up 37 percent since 2000, and it continues to climb each year. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the ages of these women break down like this:

  • 13-19 – 8,234
  • 20-29 – 83,638
  • 30-39 – 105,877
  • 40-54 – 85,516
  • 55 & up – 6,934

If you notice, it’s women aged 30 to 39 who have the most breast implants procedures. It’s not the young and insecure or the porn stars. It’s women in the heart of their childbearing years.

Miami Breast Implants

A Breast Implants Specialist in Miami Speculates

Women in their childbearing years lose volume in their breasts after pregnancy. The sudden weight loss causes breasts to hang, and most women are unhappy with what they see in the mirror once they are done having children. The problem is, there is no way to get that breast volume back once it’s gone. No amount of exercise or muscle building will restore the breasts to their natural glory.

Because of this, many women turn to a breast implants specialist in Miami to regain the original size and shape of their breasts. Called “mommy makeovers,” these breast augmentations often include liposuction and tummy tucks.

Breast Implants Doctors in Miami Turn Back the Hands of Time

In the middle age bracket, 40 to 54, breast implants doctors in Miami see most women getting breast implants in an attempt to turn back the hands of time. However, in that same vein, more than 92,000 eyelid surgeries were performed in the U.S. that same year. In case you’re wondering about the younger age group of twenty-somethings, they also received 69,000 nose reshaping surgeries in 2013. This age group displays definite body dissatisfaction, but it’s not all about their breasts.

Is Breast Augmentation Cosmetic for the Youngest Age Group?

It’s hard to ignore the more than 8,000 breast augmentation surgeries that took place in 2013 on people younger than 18 years of age, especially when the media screams outrage over families handing out breast implants as graduation gifts. However, statistics show that nearly 6,000 boys in that age group underwent breast augmentation surgery to correct gynoecomastia, a male breast enlargement condition. Other reasons for breast surgeries in this age group include severe asymmetry, chest deformities or under-development.

Most Miami breast implants surgeons will not perform breast implant surgery on anyone under the age of 22, since that is when breast tissue is finally fully developed. Although the FDA does not recommend these types of procedures in anyone under the age of 18, sometimes, it is necessary as a corrective measure rather than a cosmetic one.


Why do Women Want Bigger Breasts?

Contrary to popular belief, most women who want larger breasts do not want them to draw attention to themselves or to gain the acceptance of males. Women don’t stay the same size all the time, so breast sizes change as well. Furthermore, bodies are rarely ever proportional. A woman might have a small frame, but have large breasts. On the flip side, another woman might have a large frame, but have small breasts. While some women most certainly seek larger breasts for the attention they bring, most women simply want to balance out what Mother Nature gave them and not go to the extreme.

Although men like breasts of all sizes, most women aren’t particularly thrilled with the extra attention men pay to breast size. Choosing to get a breast enlargement usually has nothing to do with pleasing the male population and has everything to do with boosting a woman’s confidence and self-esteem, especially if she’s been through a traumatic experience such as a mastectomy, or has always had ill-proportioned breasts compared to her body frame. For many women, getting breast implants is more of an emotional transition than a physical one.

Finding an Affordable Breast Implants Doctor

If you’ve decided to go forward with breast augmentation, finding an affordable breast implants doctor is important, as most procedures aren’t covered by insurance. The next most important step is finding a surgeon you trust. In southeast Florida, The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami has both affordable and trustworthy board certified plastic surgeons with the experience and bedside manner necessary to help you achieve the contours and confidence you desire.

Our doctors have performed thousands of breast augmentation surgeries with superior results. Using a biometric analysis of the body, our surgeons help you choose the implants that fit your frame, body type and wishes. By keeping with the size and shape of your body, the doctors are able to provide you with natural looking, long-lasting results.

If you aren’t happy with the size, shape or overall look of your breasts, contact one of our Miami breast implants specialists at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami today to schedule an initial consultation. Whether you’re a mother wanting to get her figure back after childbirth, or your body isn’t perfectly proportional, we can help you achieve the appearance you desire.

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