There are a multitude of reasons why one may consider rhinoplasty, or a nose job. One of these reasons is because of a deviated septum, which is when the bone and cartilage that split your nasal cavity in half is crooked. Though many people have one that is off-center in some way, for some it is severe enough that it causes breathing problems, headaches, snoring, and nosebleeds. Though medicine can help alleviate some of these symptoms, long-term treatment may best be found through surgery.

How Can Rhinoplasty Doctors in Miami Help?

Rhinoplasty Doctors in MiamiSeptoplasty (surgery solely to repair a deviated septum) and septorhinoplasty (surgery that repairs a deviated septum while also changing the nose’s appearance) are both available from experienced nose job doctors in Miami for those looking to improve their breathing troubles. This is an option for those who were born with a deviated septum and those who developed one later in life through a broken nose or similar trauma.

Rhinoplasty doctors in Miami can also help those looking to change for nose for other reasons. Some people feel that their nose is unbecoming, be it because of its size or because of bumps on it. Since your nose is a primary feature of your face, it can cause a large amount of emotional distress if you are not happy with it. Fortunately, nasal sculpting is a common plastic surgery that is known to be very successful, though you should ask your doctor for before and after pictures of other patients to gauge your results.

Rhinoplasty is done through two methods: an open approach, where your surgeon will make a small incision at the base of the nose, or a closed approach, where the incisions are made inside of the nose. The surgery takes approximately one to two hours, and once it is complete patients will have to wear a small nasal cast for a week.

You will want to discuss with your doctor may preexisting health conditions you have and any medications you take, as this can change what anesthesia and other drugs are used during your surgery and during recovery. Rhinoplasty is most successfully on those who are done growing (generally ages fifteen and older) and don’t smoke. Most patients are able to return home that same day, and experience little to no pain. The most common side effects are temporary and include swelling, a feeling of puffiness, numbness, and bruising. Other, rarer side effects, such as heavy nose bleeds and infection, should be immediately brought to your doctor’s attention. Be sure to follow all of your doctor’s post-surgery instructions to help prevent serious complications.

The benefits, then, largely depend on why you are getting a nose job

Those with a deviated septum will experience:

  • Physical relief: Not having chronic headaches, nose bleeds, or breathing problems make it easier to go about your day to day activities without interruption.
  • Improved health
  • Better sleep

While those with cosmetic reasons will experience:

  • Emotional relief
  • Improved self-confidence: Over 70% of teen rhinoplasty are because of bullying from their peers.

Why Choose Us As Your Rhinoplasty Specialist Miami?

copy-PSI-Logo2.pngAt the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, we strive to provide the highest quality rhinoplasty. In order to do so, we have a state-of-the-art facility owned and run by experienced doctors, ensuring that your health and happiness are at the top of our concerns.

With this in mind, we work to provide only the best of the best in every aspect of our services. All of our doctors are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and have years of experience in the surgeries they provide. We also stay up-to-date on the newest rhinoplasty techniques to ensure the best are available to our patients. Our facility has also been accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities.

Our doctors take the time to tailor the surgery to your needs. Your initial consultation will discuss your health and your cosmetic goals, as well as your financial situation. Since insurances consider rhinoplasty a cosmetic surgery, most will not help pay for it–though they may cover septoplasty. That doesn’t mean you have to go without, though, as our nose job doctors in Miami will work with you to develop a plan that fits your budget.

We have performed thousands of  plastic surgeries, with many of our surgeons having specialized solely in rhinoplasty and undergoing additional training to hone their techniques. When you choose the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, you are choosing a company with years of experience and that has proven their dedication  time and time again to their patients. Don’t wait to improve your health of self-confidence–schedule a consultation with our doctors today.



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