Certified Breast Implant SpecialistsBreast augmentation entails increasing the fullness and projection of your breasts. Breast augmentation suited to improve the balance of your figure while enhancing yourself image and self confidence. Breast implants in Miami enhance the size, shape and projection of your breasts. Breast implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes which are filled with saline or silicone. Breast implant doctors in Miami perform the procedure by using a small incision on or near the breast. It is a simple procedure that takes under an hour and at PSI Miami they prefer general anesthesia for safety and patient comfort.

For most women the most common complaint is they feel their breasts are not proportional to the rest of the body. All women want is to have more cleavage and to fill out the cup on their bikini. Breast augmentation makes women feel sexier and in turn boost their self confidence. Understanding that all women deserve to be happy have affordable breast implant doctors available for consultation. Our websitewww.psimiami.com shares testimonials of life changes for many women who have used our services.

Our skilled teams of surgeons are board certified and carry with them the skills and experience needed to perform breast augmentation to great satisfaction. Using a biometric analysis our doctors are able to analyze and help you choose the ideal implant for your body and frame. In doing so, our board certified plastic surgeons are able to create consistent, long lasting and natural looking results. During the consultation we provide you with the information and with our experience guide you through the breast enlargement process. As breast implants doctors in Miami we understand what it takes to look great in your bikini thus up-to-date with the latest advancements of breast augmentation.

Important things about breast implants

When preparing for breast augmentation or breast implants’, choosing the right implant is the most important thing. The size, shape and fill material are characteristics of implants which our breast implant specialist in Miami will help you understand.

Implant size

Breast implants come in different sizes and are measures in cc’s (cubic centimeters). Our experienced board certified breast implant doctors in Miami specialize in helping what size best suits your anatomy. Too large breast implants may cause increased complications and are more likely to need revision surgery in future.

Implant shape

Breast implants have two basic shapes round and tear drop. With round shaped implants they create a more dramatic cleavage as the teardrop implants give a more realistic look. The decision on the shape of implants depends on how patients want their new breasts to look.

Implants fill material

At PSI Miami we have two types of breast implants silicone or saline. Silicone is filled before surgery and requires a slightly larger incision than saline implants. Saline-filled implants come in smooth and textured shells, either round or teardrop, ruptures on this implant are easier and faster to detect.

Basic requirements of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is appropriate for women of all walks of life, but must meet certain basic requirements.

Be prepared – breast enlargement is a new experience and process. Our breast implants doctors in Miami take you through the potential risks associated with this surgical procedure. Our board certified breast implant specialist Miami, offer consult on desired size, basic requirements and then recommend steps to a successful operation.

Overall health– breast augmentation is a major surgery and requires all patients to be healthy. Certain medical conditions can impact your ability to obtain breast implants. Additionally, people affected by body image disorders, pregnant or breastfeeding should wait until an appropriate time to explore breast enlargement surgery. At PSI Miami our board certified has years of experience, they offer advice and information based on patients’ specific requirements.

Ideal age for breast implants– breast tissue is still developing in your early twenties and is most recommended for adult women in the mid-twenties. Advanced age is not a deterrent for undergoing breast augmentation as long as the patient enjoys general good health.

Our doctors at PSI Miami are board certified with years of experience. We believe every woman has the right to look and feel beautiful. In Miami breast implants are essential, most women in south Florida spend their days in bikinis, having a sexy looking body is must. Our breast implants specialty doctor in Miami is always ready to offer consultations. In the consultation the doctor will take you through the basics from size to post surgical recovery. Plastic surgery institute of Miami is deeply committed to your health, safety and great results.

Click here to read testimonials from our patients. Our doctors specializing in breast augmentation are experienced professionals. Our facilities are designed to ensure patient comfort and safety offering world class facilities. PSI Miami gives present and future patients some peace of mind and we have taken possible steps to ensure our centre has the highest possible standards. So when you are ready for breast augmentation psimiami.com is the place to visit.

Breast implants cost Miami are affordable at Psi Miami; we have a good financing package for our patients. With world class facilities our doctors work towards providing high quality results. Built and founded by doctors PSI Miami is the leading institute for plastic surgeon. Find the best breast implant doctor in Miami and learn more about our other services. Contact us and book an appointment with one of the doctors.

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